how to dress baby

When it comes time to dress your baby for the first time, many will be the doubts and fears that will address you. Here we give you some tips to improve the technique and easily develop this skill.

Girls, mostly women, enjoyed playing dolls, changing them repeatedly. But indeed, with a newborn baby, the thing will no longer be game. This is that we memorize several elements necessary to properly dress our baby and not be mistaken when going to a baby shop. Pilucho, pantyhose, t-shirt, Teddy and go ahead and follow the list of our mothers and grandmothers, we’ll get a lot of advice, some will look kind of weird, and others have severe.


First, you will need to take into account the characteristics of the clothing. This should be comfortable, easy to put on and take out, without strips or tapes that may cause problems (or create hazards to your child’s safety).

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On the other hand, garments should allow the body to breathe and absorb sweat, so the ideal material to use is cotton; try not to contain synthetic fibers, especially those that are in more direct contact with the body.

Usually, the garments used are:

  • T-shirt: must be placed under the Pilucho.
  • Pilucho: Prefer those with front buttons and not strips as they will be more uncomfortable for the baby when he is back or sitting.
  • Socks: They should not be too tight or too loose, as they may impede proper circulation or go out quickly.


Teddy, Buso, body or “Baby grows”: privileges those that open entirely to make it easier to introduce your limbs.


Although these are the necessary items, you should consider that everything not always used, especially if it is a baby born in summer. You should also check the ambient temperature of your child’s location before choosing the one.

Specialist maintains that it is not appropriate to over-shelter babies “as the heat numbs them, they do not feed and can be dehydrated.” It adds that “the axillary temperature of the baby should oscillate between 36.6 and 36.9 degrees Celsius. If the baby has 36.5 of axillary temperature this cold and must shelter; If it has 37 degrees, it is overtemperature and must be unsheltered. ”

Other tips to consider

Dressing on a flat surface: like the bed or crib, it is helpful to have some entertainment on hand. Also, the surface must be hard, in a place covered by a waterproof fabric (to avoid “accidents”), it must be ample and where the mother can manipulate the baby freely.

How to put clothes: first and if applicable you will need to clean your umbilical cord and change your diaper.

Then the mother should avoid overstretching the head or avoid stretching her arms. To remove the clothes are ideally back to front, from bottom to top, to remove the arms, press the area of the elbow. The sleeve can be removed, to Put the clothes, first pass the head and then put your hands through the sleeves to hold your hands and with the other side running the jacket to the shoulder.

For a better posture put your fingers in the sleeves and take the hands off the baby, instead of trying to push their arms through these cylinders of fabric.

Make it fun: while you dress up you can talk or play with it, so it will put everything on its side to make this experience more enjoyable.