How to dress your baby when shopping at baby shop

how to dress baby

When it comes time to dress your baby for the first time, many will be the doubts and fears that will address you. Here we give you some tips to improve the technique and easily develop this skill.

Girls, mostly women, enjoyed playing dolls, changing them repeatedly. But indeed, with a newborn baby, the thing will no longer be game. This is that we memorize several elements necessary to properly dress our baby and not be mistaken when going to a baby shop. Pilucho, pantyhose, t-shirt, Teddy and go ahead and follow the list of our mothers and grandmothers, we’ll get a lot of advice, some will look kind of weird, and others have severe.


First, you will need to take into account the characteristics of the clothing. This should be comfortable, easy to put on and take out, without strips or tapes that may cause problems (or create hazards to your child’s safety).

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On the other hand, garments should allow the body to breathe and absorb sweat, so the ideal material to use is cotton; try not to contain synthetic fibers, especially those that are in more direct contact with the body.

Usually, the garments used are:

  • T-shirt: must be placed under the Pilucho.
  • Pilucho: Prefer those with front buttons and not strips as they will be more uncomfortable for the baby when he is back or sitting.
  • Socks: They should not be too tight or too loose, as they may impede proper circulation or go out quickly.


Teddy, Buso, body or “Baby grows”: privileges those that open entirely to make it easier to introduce your limbs.


Although these are the necessary items, you should consider that everything not always used, especially if it is a baby born in summer. You should also check the ambient temperature of your child’s location before choosing the one.

Specialist maintains that it is not appropriate to over-shelter babies “as the heat numbs them, they do not feed and can be dehydrated.” It adds that “the axillary temperature of the baby should oscillate between 36.6 and 36.9 degrees Celsius. If the baby has 36.5 of axillary temperature this cold and must shelter; If it has 37 degrees, it is overtemperature and must be unsheltered. ”

Other tips to consider

Dressing on a flat surface: like the bed or crib, it is helpful to have some entertainment on hand. Also, the surface must be hard, in a place covered by a waterproof fabric (to avoid “accidents”), it must be ample and where the mother can manipulate the baby freely.

How to put clothes: first and if applicable you will need to clean your umbilical cord and change your diaper.

Then the mother should avoid overstretching the head or avoid stretching her arms. To remove the clothes are ideally back to front, from bottom to top, to remove the arms, press the area of the elbow. The sleeve can be removed, to Put the clothes, first pass the head and then put your hands through the sleeves to hold your hands and with the other side running the jacket to the shoulder.

For a better posture put your fingers in the sleeves and take the hands off the baby, instead of trying to push their arms through these cylinders of fabric.

Make it fun: while you dress up you can talk or play with it, so it will put everything on its side to make this experience more enjoyable.

How To Keep Yourself Feeling Young And Vibrant

Aging has impacts on the body and on the mind. All too often we don’t look into these until they impact somebody we love, or even ourselves. By then it may be too late. Often the implications on the body are at the forefront of our mind, and for good reason. Daily activities can have a much more detrimental effect on our body as we age. This can result in muscle, joint or even skeletal damage which in turn can cause significant comfort or pain.

care for those who are growing oldChronic conditions or pain can stop you from being able to use your body in the same way. This can stop you from moving like you used to and make you reliant on support devices like stair lifts or walking sticks. This in turn stops you being able to move freely and can lead to a lack of independence.

While we think of the body first, it’s often the impact on the mind that can be more damaging. Diseases, like Alzheimer’s, can stop you from leading the life you want and you can become disconnected from the world. Even those who do not suffer from a specific disease may find that their minds are slowing to react and memories can begin to fade. This can make people feel a lot older very suddenly.

Recently there has been a lot more research and study into the quality of life of older people. Studies have found that over 60% of older people are suffering from loneliness which is impacting their quality of life. Loneliness, lack of independence and lack of energy all go hand in hand, so it’s important to stack the deck in your favor to keep as vibrant and feel as young as possible.

Keeping Vibrant Energy

Retaining that young feeling and energy is crucial to making the most of life and fending off that old age feeling. Whether you’re making some changes for yourself, or looking to give advice to a family member or friend, there are three key elements to consider:


At any age, being fit and in shape will give you a boost in energy. Exercise releases endorphins which make us feel great, but more importantly they strengthen our muscles and allow us to function more effectively.

Cardiovascular exercise is probably the most important to feeling young. Having a strong, healthy heart will keep the blood pumping, this in turn will help prevent aging across the board.

Aerobic exercises are definitely the way to go but make sure you consider the impacts on your body, especially if you’re older. Low impact exercises like swimming or cycling will be better for your joints.

  • Diet

This goes hand in hand with fitness, but diet is also key to staying vibrant and young. The things you eat will give you the energy you need to function so it makes sense to look closely at what’s going in.

Firstly, make sure you’re consuming enough calories on a daily basis. The specific targets for each individual will vary but consuming between 2000-2500 calories will make sure you give your body everything you need to function.

Vitamins and minerals are the key to a healthy body and healthy mind. Try to consume a wide range of fruit and vegetables to ensure you’re getting a good balance of everything you need.

  • Environment

Perhaps the most important factor in keeping your vibrant energy is the environment you’re in. Nothing can make you feel older than being trapped in a slow, quiet place with nothing happening of interest. This can lead to your body and mind slowing down.

It’s all about simulation and ensuring there are activities to engage in. Having loved ones or friends around will also have a big impact, but just having the opportunity to engage others in conversation will keep you feeling young.

It really can’t be stated enough, the environment you are in will shape how you feel and how you act, so you need to make sure you’re in the right place with the right people.

Dementia Care

Many of us will need extra support and care in old age and aged care homes offer this. Specialist support and care will allow independence for those who might otherwise struggle, this is especially important for those with mobility issues.

One of the keys for staying young and vibrant is to make sure you are in the right environment, surrounded by the right people. Isolation is a common problem for older people who may not have a lot of family or friends to be with them. For some families, it can be a long distance to travel and this means they might only see their relatives a few times a week.

Different care homes offer different services, but one of the most important features is the community aspect. Aged care homes create a community from the residents, organizing a range of events which allow everyone to get involved. This is vital for preventing loneliness and ensuring older people retain the energy they need.

There are a lot of different factors to keeping your energy into old age. There is a lot to be said for staying healthy but never underestimate the environment you are in and the people around you. Keeping that energy is the key to getting the most out of your later years so make sure you make the right choices for you and your family.

The Importance of a Good Moisturizer

Much more focus is being put on the quality and health of our skin in the 21st century. The best celebrities have relentless skin care regimes that leave them looking flawless and it’s something we all try to emulate.

all blemishes are unwantedHow our skin looks has a big impact on our daily lives. Firstly it affects our self esteem. Nothing can make you more self conscious than a big blemish or mark on your face that you can’t do anything about. This has a knock on effect on our confidence and can lead us into a downward spiral.

Our skin needs to be taken care of. There are a number of key vitamins and minerals that our skin needs to stay healthy and keep functioning at 100%. Vitamin A and Vitamin E are both crucial to keeping skin well which is essential for allowing it to keep it’s elasticated qualities. This lets your skin stretch without leaving any kind of scars or stretch marks and we definitely don’t want them as they’re very tricky to remove.

There are a number of products that you should be using daily to keep your skin healthy. The most important is probably a moisturizer. As the name suggests, a moisturizer helps provide moisture to your skin. This stops your skin becoming dry or oily which can result in imperfections of marks.

Moisturizers also work to keep your skin healthy. Hydrated skin is much more durable and can withstand the impact and strains it can be put under. This allows your skin to stretch and go back to it’s original size.

Moisturizers are essential for keeping your skin looking young and fresh. With great demand comes great supply and there are literally thousands of different moisturizers available on the market. It can be difficult to find the best so we’ve identified one of the top moisturizers in the world – the Obagi Moisturizer.

Obagi Moisturizer

The Obagi hydrate moisturizer has been designed to keep your skin hydrated more effectively and for longer. The hydrate formula provides deep hydration to the layers of your skin and can even last up to 8 hours. It works by providing moisture straight away and then slowly releasing more over the course of the day.

The Obagi moisturizer is made to be used once a day and can be applied to all skin types. It’s also a hypoallergenic that only uses completely natural ingredients, so there’s no irritation on your skin.

Light and non greasy, the Obagi moisturizer is one of the best on the market. Check out all the Obagi Hydrate reviews

Health Product Discount Codes

We all know the value of a healthy life. The decisions we make about our lifestyle will have a profound effect on our bodies and health in later life. It’s why we’re seeing a shift in cultures away from fast food and into the gym. We’re paying much more attention to our diets and our exercise regimes and the result is a healthier society.

However we’re also busier than ever before. Work life, home life and family life all take their toll and leave us with very little spare time. We can’t always make all the decisions we want and get all the different elements we need to be healthy. Eating 5 a day can be tricky with a busy schedule so instead we rely on certain products to keep our body’s healthy.

Healthspan discountsHealth products covers a large range of different products. Each of these have their own effects and are used for unique results. Some have been scientifically proven while others are less effective. The most common health products are vitamins and supplements. These are taken to give the body the essentials it needs to operate at optimum conditions.

Almost everyone has used some kind of health product in their lives whether it’s something simple of more complicated. Health products aren’t essential for everyone, but for most of us they offer an effective and simple solution to stay healthy in a hectic world.

Health Products Costs

Health Products are now produced globally by a number of well established companies but there are also countless smaller products producing similar items. These are available online but also in stores everywhere but there are stark contrasts between products depending on the source.

Unfortunately the reliable brands offer some of the more expensive products. While each individual product might not be overly expensive, when you’re buying a range of them you might find your budget suddenly grows thin.

In fact health products can start to cost a fair amount and unfortunately it means that they’re often the first thing that gets dropped when there are cut backs. It’s a difficult balance between health and cost restraints but thankfully there are a number of ways to limit your expenditure.

Health Product Discount Codes

Discount codes have long been used by thrifty shoppers online to get discounts on everything from TVs to clothing. Now it’s time to use discount codes for all your health products.

For those who haven’t used them before they’re pretty simple. You just have to get the code, enter it at checkout and you’ll find your basket reduced. Often discount codes are just money off but sometimes they offer specific deals for users.

Discount codes are normally brand specific and one of the best brands around for health products is Healthspan. Healthspan have a wide range of different products that have been proven to be beneficial for you and what’s even better is they have a load of discount codes available.

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Obagi C-Rx System Reviews

Obagi C-Rx System Reviews

Aging skin and uneven skin tone are probably two of the biggest worries for most people. Unfortunately our modern, busy lifestyles are pushing our skin to the limit and causing a lot of us to age prematurely. While we can find solutions, we have to first look at our skin because this reveals our true age more than any other part of our body.

Aging of the skin can come in many forms. It’s often shown with wrinkles on and around the face, while looser skin has an impact on our overall look. Similarly uneven skin tone draws attention to our skin for all the wrong reasons. We have to start taking care of our skin as early as possible and when it comes to skincare we have to be sure we’re using the best products.

There are an unlimited number of products available on the market who have the alleged cure for aging skin. The big companies know what everyone wants, but most of the time the products just don’t deliver what’s needed. Instead they make a product with little benefit and price is extortionately.

Thankfully there are a number of products that have been shown to have a positive impact on your skin. Certain vitamins and extracts are proven to help tighten your skin and even out your skin tone. One of the most advanced and effective products out there is the Obagi C-Rx System.

Obagi-C Rx ProductsObagi C-Rx System

The Obagi C-Rx System is more than just a cream, it’s an entire arsenal of beauty products which come together to give you a complete overhaul. When used together and as instructed you’ll see some impressive results. The Obagi C-Rx System contains:

  • C-Cleansing Gel

The first step, used to clean your skin, remove dirt and any make up from the day. This is essential as it prepares your skin for the next steps of the system.

  • C-Clarifying Serum

The clarifying serum targets any dark spots and uneven skin tone. It helps brighten and make your skin look fresh.

  • C-Exfoliating Day Lotion

The C-Exfoliating Day lotion is an intense moisturiser which has the double effect of exfoliating your skin.

  • Sun Shield Matte Sunscreen

The sun shield provides invaluable protection from UV and other sun rays. These can not only ruin the look of your skin, but also be a considerable health risk.

  • C-Therapy Night Cream

The night cream contains essential vitamins which help benefit your overall skin tone.

  • C-Balancing Toner

The balancing toner helps tighten pores and balances the pH of your skin.

The whole Obagi C-Rx system has been designed to work together, one step after another, and lead you to perfect skin health. The system all contains prescription-strength hydroquinone and vitamin C as the core ingredients. These have been proven independently and together to help revitalise and improve the health and look of your skin.

See what everyone is saying and find out more in our full Obagi C-Rx System review

The truth is That Stretch Marks are Not Inevitable

bikini season is no tme for stretch marks

No one wants to sport stretch marks in bikini weather

Stretch marks can be really harmful to yourself esteem, especially if they’re on show to the world. With Summer round the corner it’s time to look at how to remove those stretch marks, but before we do that we have to understand what exactly stretch marks are.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are very simply where your body has had to adapt to a sudden change. As you’ve grown your skin has grown too, so when you grow rapidly it doesn’t allow your skin time to adapt and grow too. This means it is put under stress and stretches, damaging the collagen in the layers of skin tissue and exposing the blood vessels underneath. These damaged blood vessels are what create the scar like streaks in your skin.

Typically stretch marks occur on the back, upper thighs, buttocks and abdomen and they occur in men, women and children. New stretch marks are red or purple, but over time they become white or silver, fading more into your skin.

What causes Stretch Marks?

men can get stretch marks too

Men can get stretch marks too

There are a number of reasons for stretch marks which include genetic disposition to them and hormone levels. Other common causes include growth spurts (particularly in younger children), weight gain, pregnancy and body building.

Each of these puts undue stress on your body and your skin, causing it to stretch to cope with the changes. The one thing that all types have in common is that everyone wants to know how to remove stretch marks.

Removing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are difficult to full remove, especially the white marks that have been around for a long time. If you’re looking to fully remove them you’ll need to use one of two options:

  • Laser Treatment

A Pulse Dye Treatment has been developed to help cure stretch marks. The intense light beam targets the blood vessels without impacting or damaging the skin. The light then heats the specific area and dissipates the blood vessels, causing a fading of the red and a return to the normal colour.

This laser treatment is advanced but can be slow, and therefore expensive. It’s not suitable for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding or have specific skin conditions. For those with darker skin or stretch marks around the legs the treatment will be less effective because the laser cannot penetrate as well.

Side effects are minimal, you may experience some redness or light bruising in the area.

  • Surgery

Surgery can be used to replace damaged skin with stretch marks. This is expensive and drastic and can have side effects. You’ll need to talk to professionals and your dermatologist before you consider this option.

Stretch Mark Treatments

topicals that reduce stretch marks

A good number of topical creams claim to eliminate stretch marks

There are a number of treatments available both at home and over the counter that won’t remove stretch marks but may aid in their reduction. Popular home remedies include:

  • Sugar Scrub
  • Castor Oil
  • Lemon Juice
  • Egg Whites
  • Coconut Oil

While each of these have been shown to benefit your skin generally, there is little or no evidence that they will have a specific impact on your stretch marks.

Over the counter medicines and topical treatments include:

Both of these are derived from retinol and designed to be applied directly to stretch marks. This can be absorbed by the skin and aids in the repair and growth of new layers of skin.

New Treatments for Stretch Marks

The skin care industry is constantly changing and creating new solutions to the problems affecting individuals. With stretch marks affecting over 80% of women and up to 40% of men It’s a big problem. There’s rumours of a new laser procedure being created as a simpler and more effective treatment, but always consult with your dermatologist for all the latest information.

Feel Great and Look Great With My Weight-loss Tips

American obesityThe startling reality is that American obesity rates are skyrocketing – and with obesity comes health problems. Diabetes, strokes, heart issues, knee problems and bad backs are all caused by obesity – and can be cured as well by weight loss. This is not surprising as the food industry has gotten us hooked on both large portions, and unhealthy, corn syrup and hydrogenated fat-laden garbage. Because of this, weight loss is very, very important and everyone is looking for weight loss tips.

Not only is the extra weight unhealthy, but it also is unattractive and causes a lack of energy as well. Whether you’re looking for weight loss tips for health or cosmetic reasons, losing weight will not just help you to look better, it can extend your lifespan and increase your quality of life. But how do you go about losing weight if you’re busy with your daily routine? Most of us don’t have time, or even the willpower, to get to the gym or get out for a jog. These things definitely help but there are others ways to drop those unwanted pounds without investing the extra effort.

Lifestyle Changes

The key is to make a few minor lifestyle changes. A few changes to the things you eat can have a massive effect on your BMI, which is the calculation of fat in relation to your body mass. Weight-loss also requires an efficient diet. Simply put, an efficient diet is one in which your calorie consumption equals only what the body needs, and nothing more.

Make Healthy Eating A Habit

obsession with fast foodThe first thing to do is to cut out the fast food and the junk food, the mortal enemies of weight-loss. Fast food and junk food can give you enough fat and calories for an elephant! Not only that, but the calories from such a diet are empty – meaning even though you eat, because what you’re eating is not nutritious, your body still wants more food. So if you’re serious about weight loss, drop the fast food/junk food diet killer-and fast! By making this simple change in what you eat you will begin to take off the weight. The rate of weight-loss is up to your body’s metabolism and, of course, exercise/workout will help-but this simple start is bound to leave you feeling better.

The weight-loss from a diet often does not work because people eventually go back to their regular eating habits. You really need to make the decision to quit junk food-like the alcoholic that decides to quit drinking. It’s really no different. You need to focus on a making a lifestyle change and eat differently. This is especially important for those of us over thirty. As we age our metabolism slows down and and weight-loss gets much more difficult. You must break your love affair with French fries and doughnuts and ice-cream and hamburgers or the calories and fat will continue to mount. Weight-loss simply doesn’t happen like it did in your twenties so if at all possible, start early on and keep it off.

eliminate hfcsYour next step in achieving permanent weight-loss is to start looking at labels. You want to look out for high fructose corn syrup and cut it out of your diet completely. The body doesn’t now deal with this unnatural chemical well and it pretty much turns right into fat. And studies show it also causes diabetes.

Drink plenty of water. This is one of the most overlooked weight-loss causes. If you drink 10 glasses of water a day you will be flushing out excess fats and be continually keeping your body in a state of detoxification. By drinking a glass of water before your meal it can also fill you up so that you do not eat as much once you sit down to eat.

To Supplement or Not!

There is a lot of hype about natural supplements that claim to boost weight loss when combined with a good diet and exercise program. Be wary of these products, as not all of them live up to their promises of light speed fat burning. With that said, there are some organic supplements that can help give your metabolism a boost and are great for overall health. A few of these include CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid), Zinc, Catechin, selenium & forskolin (read forskolin reviews here)

Empty, wasted calories devoid of nutritional benefit, they turn to fat as soon as they get digested. Try their healthier brown brothers, wheat bread, brown rice and raw sugar. Replace sweet cravings with healthy, organic fruits, but watch the pesticides if it’s not organic.

These are just a few weight loss tips that you will need to stay focused on as you work to reduce your weight. Remember, weight loss requires a commitment to a new lifestyle. You CAN do it! Weight loss can take many months in fact, it works better that way, so work to make a positive lifestyle change and you will see progress. Look at it this way, don’t try and lose weight. Don’t try and diet. Make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and the weight loss will naturally happen.

Undernutrition is a Worldwide Problem

Undernutrition is a Worldwide Problem

Global prosperity is being undermined by the silent crisis of undernutrition, which prevents people and countries reaching their full potential.

Undernutrition is the largest single contributor to child mortality worldwide, underlying one third of deaths amongst children under five. It is also responsible for the loss of billions of dollars in productivity, in effect stunting not only citizens, but also the competitiveness and economic growth of the countries most affected.

The governments of the UK and Brazil, and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) will co-host a high-level international meeting, Nutrition for Growth: Beating Hunger through Business and Science on 8 June in central London.

The event will bring together business leaders, scientists, governments and civil society to make the ambitious financial and political commitments needed to reach millions more pregnant women and infants with the right nutrition at the right time, and reduce cases of stunting and deaths from severe acute malnutrition.

The event follows on from the UK-Brazil Hunger Summit held in London last summer, which highlighted the devastating consequences of undernutrition on children.